About Us


I am creating just to say - you are special

There are not many things in the world that are eternal, timeless, and for me these things have always been feelings and art, both being an important part of human culture. While the ability to feel makes us alive, the ability to create, to shape nothing but thoughts into piece of art is what makes us different from other creatures, makes us humane. That is the reason why drawing has always been the true passion of my life, but only one feeling made me think of doing art not for myself, but for others – and that feeling is Love. And once again, two timeless forces of the world connected to help me create this project.

My name is Gustavo Lecce, and one day I came to realisation that pieces I create are not just pictures, but the embodiment of love, passion, trust, admiration, gratitude – all these things people feel towards each other, but often don’t know how to express. It seemed to me that not only me, but also many other people may feel the need to express their attitude through something physical, something material, something beautiful – such as piece of art. Therefore, I decided to do art not only to express my feelings, but also to help others express their feelings to the dearest ones through fascinating hyper-realistic portraits.

Five years ago, in New York I’ve met Gabe Otto, and everything just started to fall into place. Sharing the same idea, we soon decided to open an art studio to bring our dream into reality and to help those who appreciate art find something to their heart. Our goal is to create opportunity of finding something unique for everyone, whether you'd like simply a beautiful addition to your place’s interior, or a special gift for someone you deeply care about. For our project, we have selected the best artists who will definitely be able to fully satisfy your creative desires and interests.

Gustavo Lecce Studio

Art is one of the oldest means of self-expression and symbolism. The combination of these two things and the centuries-old development have led to the diversity, uniqueness, and growing demand for the genres of art. Our customers are people who value quality, diversity, and uniqueness, and those who know what it means to stand out and appreciate handmade artwork as a professional.