About Us


I am creating just to say - you are special

At the different stages of our life, people, environmental factors and some kind of events change our lives completely. So it happened with me when in the early years of my career I ran into a lot of difficulties, frustrations, or vain hopes. My life has not been an exception; during the early years of my career, I ran into a lot of challenges, frustrations and vain hopes.

My name is Gustavo Lecce and one day I decided to dedicate vivid memories on the canvas for special people. My hand-painted portraits leave the viewer with the impression of hyper-realism.

Gabe Otto and I met each other five years ago in New York. Sharing the common interest, we soon decided to open an art studio to bring our imagination into the reality. As the demand for our handmade paintings increased, it became necessary to find like-minded artists. The best people were selected and now they are working with us to maintain a true Italian quality.

Gustavo Lecce Studio

Art is one of the oldest means of self-expression and symbolism. The combination of these two things and the centuries-old development have led to the diversity, uniqueness, and growing demand for the genres of art. Our customers are people who value quality, diversity, and uniqueness, and those who know what it means to stand out and appreciate handmade artwork as a professional.